I want your blue-black eyes to always stare at me. Look into my eyes like you are reading my mind. Let me drown in the beauty of those eyes. Suffocate me with your smile. I love seeing your eyes do the same. Show me the galaxy each time you chuckle. Caress me with your voice. … More Blue-Black

Note to Self

We grew up knowing that we somehow have to find a person who would be with us for the rest of our lives. This someone is described to be perfect. A gentleman, a prince charming, someone who has a kind heart and someone who sets an example for everyone. It would be easy finding this … More Note to Self

The Girl Who Loved

She was the girl who loved. She gave a little piece of herself to everyone she met. She made everyone around her happy. Everything was going alright but then things changed. She met you. She gave you the most valuable part of her. She gave you her heart. She offered you the most precious thing … More The Girl Who Loved

Through wondering eyes.

Originally posted on The Quintessence:
The girl who loves to sit in the corner, she always drifts away into a new adventure. Sometimes she frowns then laughs and sometimes she smiles. But mostly I wonder, does she know? How beautiful she looks today with her hair disheveled and her back arched toward the floor. She…

Unwritten Letters

There are so many things I never had the chance to tell you. So many words that never left my mind. I regret not saying them to you. I regret keeping myself from writing them down then giving them to you. I wish you knew every thoughts I had about you. There are so many … More Unwritten Letters

Left Behind

You were that uninvited guest. I do not know why I did but I let you stay. I do not know how but you somehow got all my attention. You became the life of the party. The highlight of my day. Then gradually, you took up hours from my days, days from my weeks and … More Left Behind

Beautiful Soul

Love is a common thing nowadays, being the topic of almost every piece of art, every song and every literary piece. We are surrounded by people who talk about love everyday. Some criticizes love while others spend their whole life looking for it. A lot of studies have tried to determine how a person may … More Beautiful Soul

J of All Trades

Not excelling at a certain aspect does not make you less of a person. It just shows people how flexible you can be. You may be a little good in writing, knowledgeable in music and a little better at math. No one tells you that you cannot. Explore! Discover the mysteries around you! Learn how … More J of All Trades